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World's First Psychometric Database of Golf Equipment Confidence
1/24/2017 10:55:36 AM
For years here at SPL we have been testing golf kit to see what it is that makes us go weak at the knees when see something new in the magazines or on the pro shop shelves. All golfers know this feeling and in design psychology it is known as the Anticipated Level of Confidence (ALC).

By collating years of research we have created the first  that enables us to precisely measure how much emotional confidence a new design creates in the minds of golfers. As Dr. Bob Rotella said "Golf is a game of confidence"

The score is based on the scientifically valid concept of normal curve databases and is expressed in percentiles as shown below.
 A club that inspires great confidence might get an ALC of 96%ile. This means that it inspires more confidence in the player than 96% of all other clubs of that type in the data base

An average Club will get an ALC score of 50%ile as 50% of the data base is rated as giving more confidence to the player and 50%  give less

A poor perfroming club might only have an ALC of 30%ile as it only rates better than 30% of the database.

Of course the database is dynamic and the addition of new equipment changes the overall comparison profile. So as time goes on the scores of clubs will change to refelct how they compare to the latest offerings.

Sport Psychology are proud to have developed this, unique tool  and we will be sharing results from the database one club at a time from January 2017.
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