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Tired Golfers Cannot tell Left from Right
Study Shows that Tired Golfers Cannot Tell Left from Right

We have all had that feeling on the course that we do not have the energy and things just dont seem to work at all. Now research has shown that it might just be because the right hand of your brain stopps working as well as the left.
The RHS of the brain pays attention to the LEFT hand side of the world and vice versa. However when you are tired things that would normally appear on the left start to be perceived as being on the right.

This has important consequemnces for aiming especuially when you are lining up putts on the green. Breaks that might be on the left will be seen on the right so your chances of nailing that key putt are reduced significantly with tiredness.

There is nio magic solution but getting enough sleep before a big match is extrmely important.

Its noyt just sight but sounds that can also switch to the wrong side- so if someone shouts FORE lets hope they are not on your left.

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